Work of a professional digital marketing manager in 2020

Work of a professional digital marketing manager in 2020

What does a digital marketing manager do?

What does a digital marketing manager do?

What skills does he/she need to possess and what’s the difference between a digital marketing manager and an SEO?

From SEO to Digital Marketing The term digital marketing is comparatively new although the components that structure digital marketing are around for an extended time.

It’s only within the last 5 years approximately that marketers, SEO’s, and therefore the industry as an entire realized that for an entire Internet Marketing strategy you would like something quite SEO.

Thus the term ‘digital marketing’ started receiving more attention and like every other profession, there’s always an area for a ‘manager’.

I work as a Digital Marketing Manager the last years and what i will be able to attempt to explain below is what’s the role of a digital marketing manager in today’s online world, what does he/she do and what’s the most difference between being an SEO and a Digital Marketing Manager.

What is the difference between an SEO and Digital Marketing Manager?

An SEO is an expert in program Optimization. He can tell you ways to optimize your websites for Search Engines, the way to build references from other websites (aka link building), and the way to form sure that your website is accessible by Google for greater exposure.

A digital marketing manager, on the opposite hand, can do quite just SEO.

Most probably he started as an SEO consultant because, actually , this is often from where everything begins (in the web Marketing World).

But he has knowledge and skills associated with the opposite components that structure digital marketing i.e. content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing.

So, during a nutshell, the difference between an SEO and a digital marketing manager is that the newest features a wider range of skills and knowledge and may design and execute an entire and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that goes beyond SEO.

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

So, what does a digital marketing manager do?

A digital marketing manager is responsible to plan and execute a digital marketing campaign to market a brand, products, or services on all available digital marketing channels. His role also includes the supervision of the opposite experts working in his team.

Some of the tasks include:

Content Marketing– within the digital world, you would like content in any form (text, images, video, audio, etc) because without content you can’t do anything online.

The question is what quite content you would like , who will produce the content, what are the topics, titles, content length, etc.

These are the standard questions that the content marketing manager has got to answer and if there’s no content marketing manager (which is that the case for many companies or agencies), then it’s the duty of the digital marketing manager.

Social Media Marketing– Social may be a useful gizmo and an incredible thanks to promote your online store or business but how does one decide which social networks to use, how does one set goals and what quite content does one publish?

What is a successful social media campaign and the way does one manage your followers? Questions that the digital marketing manager has got to answer with the social media manager or social media experts.

Email Marketing- Email marketing doesn’t likely have a fanatical manager unless you employ email in additional advanced ways than sending newsletters and subscription offers.

It is the work of the digital marketing manager to style the e-mail marketing strategy for a corporation that’s in sync with the general digital marketing strategy.

Mobile Marketing- Mobile is not any longer an option so every business that’s online should have a mobile marketing strategy.

This may need to do with providing users with a mobile-friendly website or maybe with developing mobile applications for the various markets (Apple store, Google Play, Amazon app store, etc.).

The digital marketing manager should have the required knowledge and market insights so on suggest the simplest thanks to approach this.

Communication, Implementation, Monitoring, and Optimization

Besides designing and implementing the above strategies, a digital marketing manager is additionally responsible for:

Talk to the client- Communicate with the client and inform them the advantages of digital marketing as an entire and most significantly the advantages and gains for his or her businesses.

Design the digital marketing strategy- Use all the tools in his arsenal to make an entire strategy for promoting a business online.

Communicate the strategy to the client and interested parties- Explain the strategy to the client and other interested parties (for example the experts and managers in his team).

Monitor the execution of the plan- Monitor the execution of the digital marketing plan ensuring that everything is executed correctly and on time.

Optimize the strategy for even better results- Optimizing the strategy supported current results.

A recent study shows that the typical salary of a Digital Marketing Manager is $77K per annum but this is often just an estimate.

How much you’ll actually earn depends on tons of things like experience, size of the corporate you’re employed for, sort of clients, and success stories.

Unlike “offline” marketing, everything in digital marketing is measurable, and digital marketing managers that have a proven record of accelerating traffic and conversions of business, are more likely to earn quite managers you simply know the theoretical part.

How to Become a Digital Marketing Manager?

Digital marketing isn’t a theoretical concept but it???s practical. It???s not enough to understand the theories behind the various digital marketing techniques but you would like to understand the way to actually implement them.

A digital marketing manager must have practical skills and this suggests that taking a course on Digital Marketing may be a good start line but not enough.

My recommendation on the way to become a digital marketing manager is that the following:-

Become an SEO Expert- Learn everything you’ll about SEO and begin practicing by creating your own website.

Understand how social media works

Spend a while on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin and determine everything you’ll about their advertising platforms.

Become a Google Ads Expert- Get certified on Google Ads. PPC advertising may be a core component of digital marketing.

Master email and content marketing- Good content is significant for the success of any campaign and email remains one among the foremost effective ways to form conversions.

Learn the way to use Google Analytics- Monitoring and reporting is a component of the work responsibilities of a DM.

Learn from experienced digital marketers- if you’ve got the chance , apply for an entry-level digital marketing job during a company with experienced managers. If not, attempt to follow the work of other marketers and where possible replicate their steps (not copy).

It will take time to become an expert altogether digital marketing components but unlike other professions, it???s skills you’ll gradually acquire without the necessity for special educational background.


A digital marketing manager isn’t just an expert in SEO but he/she must have a variety of skills that relate to the various ways you’ll promote an internet site online and also skills that relate to planning, project control, and team management.

In my opinion and knowledge , you can’t become an honest digital marketing manager if you don???t have a deep knowledge of SEO.

SEO is that the most vital skill you would like to possess first then you’ll build your knowledge for the remainder .

If you don’t have an honest SEO foundation then it’ll be very difficult to become a successful digital marketing manager

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