Top 10 Digital Marketing certification for 2020

Top 10 Digital Marketing certification for 2020

Information Technology invites you into a lucrative and fulfilling career. IT professionals know how important are certifications, to push their careers ahead. Now, Don’t worry there are millions of these certifications and there’s something for everybody. So today we are going to talk about the top 10 certifications for the year 2020. So without Much Ado, let’s get started. At number 10 we have Digital Marketing. Now business is only Prosper when they have customers buying their product, which also means that marketing is a key aspect of business operations. Now, we have seen marketing change dramatically over the past 10 years, which means we need new faces with new skills a digital marketing certification will prove your skills to the industry in areas such as search engine optimization web analytics pay-per-click social media. So on and so forth.


There isn’t any standard body for digital marketing per se but you do have some really good certification with Google Adwords HubSpot inbound certification and not to mention Edureka’s Digital Marketing certification training. Now. This industry is worth sixty two billion US Dollars and companies such has Honeywell Cisco and VMware are readily hiring certified Associates for $90,000 which Is a whopping amount to pay per year for newcomers. At number 9. We have Big data Analytics With the increase in the demand of data analytics and big data in the industry.


The job openings in the Big Data sector has just shot up in the past few years. Now Big Data professionals, usually involve themselves with big data Architects and Hands- On developers to turn Big Data wish ins into Big Data reality now Big Data often is used as umbrella term for multiple tools and Technologies such as hdfs yarn map reduce sqoop flume Etc. Now Edureka’s Big Data and Had oop certification training trains you in all these tools and Technologies in ample depth to get you industry ready now coming to certifications. You have your Cloud era Big Data certification as well as the horton worksHadoop certification, which are two standard certifications in this field.


Now because the demanding the market for Big Data professionals is so you have companies such as Amazon and Walmart and banking giant such as Society General and JP Morgan giving you a whopping hundred fifteen thousand dollars to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to Big Data professionals at number 8. We have project management certifications now PMP or project management professional was originally created and administered by project management. 

The Institute now, this is the best industry recognition that you could get as a project manager also, it provides a level of assurance as an employer or as a customer that you as a project manager are capable by experience and knowledge to plan Define and carry out a certain project very popular certifications include PMP Six Sigma and I turn and you as a project manager could very well demand an annual package of Hundred and fifteen thousand US Dollars.


Now another special thing about being a project manager is that it’s not industry-specific you might as well get recognized by Brands such as Microsoft and Dell, but you could also get recognized by Brands such as Fantine at number 7, we have aged Islands from certifications now considering how actively companies are moving into a jar practices. 

It is obvious that the demand for scrum Masters and HR practitioners are on the rise while there are Vacations like the pmi-acp and the CSM that guarantee you experience and knowledge on the team level there are others like safe and to gaf which validate that you understand scaling up a joy to an Enterprise level. Now seven of every 10 Fortune 500 companies have already adopted a jar practices and as an HR practitioner, you can go ahead and demand a salary of$100,000 to $150,000 per annum.


Number 6 we have web development now building a web experience for the current generation is a lot of work think about the front end or the back end. It could be as simple as a single static page of plain text or as complex as building a web application or a social networking site or even an online business, hence. This makes web development a very flourishing career. And do you know what the best part is you can be a college student and still be pursuing. In the slide, all you need to know is the basics and have a strong Foundation of angular react node CSS JavaScript and HTML now companies are always in the hunt for talented web developers and what better to prove your skills than a certification the cost of this certification will also start making sense to you.


Once you receive your first fat paycheck, I found five we have divorce. Now the verbs is a continual methodology comprising of many tools and techniques to automate your processes. It is done so that you can build test and release your software in a much faster and more reliable manner now understanding the methodology completely might take you some time and experience but you sure can understand all the tools and get on top of your game by getting the certification now 

the top certification in devops are available in the form of Jenkins puppet dog. Cuban at ease and Chef there is also a certification for an AWS devops engineer, which is something completely fresh in you now as a develops and Junior you might just snap a salary of $130,000to $150,000 per annum and the companies you might land our Cisco Dell Microsoft IBM and Honeywell.


At number 4. We have networking certifications now Network Engineers pretty much land a very sweet gig right from the start provided. They have the certification to validate their skills. Now the CCNA or the Cisco certified Network associate is a place where most Network Engineers would like to start it basically helps you install configure and troubleshoot The Cisco routers and switches furthermore the same professionals could move on to the ccnp certification or Cisco certified networking professional certification once they have a deeper understanding of Vans and lands and how they work together in a system. 

Now another vendor neutral certification could be the compte Ia network and Security Plus now, this can be a stepping stone into moving into something more vendor-specific like the CCNA and ccnp. Now there are companies such as Cisco tech Mahindra Accenture and  Dell hiring these networking. Professionals at an average salary of $92,000 at number 3.


We have a cloud Solution sarchitect now given the current scenario it professionals with cloud computing skills are very difficult to find but are very much in demand 40 percent of businesses struggle to find Qualified Professionals for this particular position. So this is a great time if you have cloud computing skills to get hired and what better way to validate those skills than with the certification. 

Talking about certification some of the best ones this year are from AWS Arroyo and Google now these certifications prove that you’re capable of developing building and managing. Robust scalable Cloud Solutions with Edureka’s instructor-led sessions. You will be capable of just the same now as a cloud computing engineer or a cloud Solutions architect. You can snag a salary up to a hundred and twenty four thousand dollars per annum and get hired by companies. He’s like sap Deloitte Simmons and red hat at number 2.


We have cyber security Now one comes to cyber security. There are a bunch of different certifications, which can give you a significant Edge over other candidates. Now since security isa very important issue. There are a bunch of different fields in which you can get certified starting from Attack mitigation to penetration testing. Now while there are many returns certifications such as the cissp CRI is see Cism and oscp there’s one that certainly stands out and that is the certified ethical hacker certification. Now you get the certification by proving your knowledge in assessing the security of a particular system by looking at weaknesses and vulnerabilities.


Now, these are the vacations cost in between 450 to a thousand US dollars, but this cost will certainly make fence as you get paid as high as a hundred and fifty thousand US dollars per hour. Annum by top-notch companies for various different profiles At number one, We have Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We are at a point in this world where artificial intelligence and machine learning are capable of surpassing the decision-making of human beings now pundits predict that by the year2020 2.3 million new jobs is going to be created under artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

So I’m talking about data scientists AI solution. Ml experts and many other job roles under the same umbrella Now Edureka offers a variety of courses under machine learning and artificial intelligence taking you through Concepts such as supervised and unsupervised learning and natural language processing and Edureka also keep its eyes open for technology advancements in the fields and takes you through Concepts proficiently such as reinforcement learning and deep learning now.


There’s a pack out there up front. And Center who’s fighting for these employees who I’m talking about PayPal Google Amazon and Netflix. They are taking the prices up to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to payfor their employees who are going to join their companies as freshers. Now, there area few certifications which we just hadto mention I’m talking about certifications such as the Microsoft certified Solutions expert Linux certifications bi2 Such as power bi and Tableau block chain and SAS. Now. If you are a professional looking to obscure will or a fresher getting into the field of information technology. 

These certifications might justsave you with that. I come to the end of my list to keep yourself updated on all the trending Technologies do tune into the Edureka YouTube channel. My name is a Upasana. Don’t just learn it. Master it with at Edureka.



Happy learning.

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